Cleaning agents

Waardse Foam-barn cleaner is a highly concentrated, alkaline foam cleaner. It can be applied in the veterinary sector and animal care. Waardse Foam-barn cleaner to easily remove organic pollutants such as food residues and manure. WaardseFoam-barn cleaner can be used especially for cleaning stables, cages, pens etc. in the veterinary and animal care sector. First remove coarse, loose, stuck manure and dirt. After a reaction time of 15 to 18 minutes spray under high pressure.

Waardse FZ-Lime Foam Cleaner
Waardse FZ-Lime Foam Cleaner is used for removing scale deposits in eg. Dairy farms and other branches of food industry to remove lime from machines and area's. By using Waardse Foam FZ-lime foam cleaner the service life of steel, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, tiles etc is extended. Lime removal with Waardse Foam FZ-lime cleaner is used in various industries to keep your equipment in top condition.

Don't use Waardse Foam FZ-lime foam cleaner on aluminum, galvanized steel, underwater paint, natural stone and marble. On coating first test for colorfastness.

Waardse Power Gel Lime Cleaner Pure
Waardse Power Gel is a two-hour cleaner that undiluted will be sprayed on heavy calcium, manganese and iron deposits. This only needs to be applied once and then maintained weekly with Waardse Foam fz.

Truck cleaning
Waardse Truck Cleaner is specially developed for cleaning trucks, agricultural vehicles, trailers and vans. It is a powerful cleaning agent that dissolves and removes traffic film. The product is equipped with corrosion-resistant ingredients. Waardse Truck Cleaner can be applied using a high pressure spray (with low pressure) and after a few minutes hosed with clean water. Upwards Cleaning For best results.