Multifunctional carcass cart / wagon

Multifunctional carcass cart / wagon – one of a kind!


Waardse Trading markets two compact, multifunctional carcass cart/ wagon, both of which are highly manoeuvrable and fully automated. Their electric motors are not only used for winching sows onto the machine, but also for supporting the transportation of the sows out of the pig house.

Handy Caesar® I & V

Two versions of this fully automated carcass cart / wagon are available: Handy Caesar® I, a heavy-duty option for sows and Handy Caesar® V, a lighter version, specially developed for fattening pigs. The Handy Caesar® I enables operators to winch up and move carcasses weighing up to 350 kg. The version for fattening pigs, the Handy Caesar® V, can handle weights to a maximum of 125 kg.

When the machine is not in use it is connected to a charger, just like an electric bike. The machine’s two batteries provide sufficient power for loading up a sow, transporting it outside and storing the Carcass wagon away again after cleaning.

Handy Caesar® III

The Handy Caesar® III was specially designed for fattening pigs and is used in group housing systems. Unlike the Handy Caesar® I and V, the Handy Caesar® III does not move under electric power. Once a fattening pig has been winched onto the machine by the motor, it then needs to be transported manually. The Handy Caesar® III is fitted with a medicine container and syringe holder.


Handy Caesar® I


Handy Caesar® III


Handy Caesar V